varsity jacket

varsity jacket

Product code STJ1

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*The use of special fabrics (materials), special prints, etc. is available for an additional fee.

Product code remarks price
STJ1-5 Printed part 0~5 ¥93,500(tax included)
STJ1-10 Printed part 6~10 ¥104,500(tax included)
STJ1-15 Printed part 11~15 ¥115,500(tax included)
STJ1-20 Printed part 16~20 ¥126,500(tax included)
STJ1-25 Printed part 21~25 ¥137,500(tax included)
STJ1-30 Printed part 26~30 ¥148,500(tax included)
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This is a production example of varsity jacket. Click image for details
varsity jacket production example