25 years ago, "FUEGO" started from a boy's longing.
Inspired by Jyushin Thunder Liger's professional wrestling mask I saw in a magazine, I started making it by following what I saw.
His partner was an industrial sewing machine that he bought while working part-time as a newspaper delivery man.

"Absolutely, I want to make it."
"Absolutely, I want you to use it."

With that thought in his heart, he tried to sell himself to Japanese wrestlers, but his feelings as a 14-year-old didn't get through.
So, in the spring of 15 years old, he went alone to Mexico, the holy land of lucha libre.
After many years of experience and achievements, he earned the trust and patronage of Mexican wrestlers.
The trend spread to Japanese wrestlers,
Currently, it continues to expand into the world of kickboxing and boxing.
The essence of "FUEGO" is unique to the industry, which has traditionally been rugged and unadorned.

The motto of "FUEGO" is to achieve both high entertainment and functionality.
Producing ability in terms of directing that makes use of the know-how and experience cultivated so far.
And most importantly,
It is the spirit of “Never Surrender” that is needed even in the world of competition.

Creating costumes with stories and concepts that emphasize the individuality of each player.
Based on careful hearing, we create by getting close to the client.

On that day, a boy's ambition began in his own room in the countryside.
Taking advantage of the 25th anniversary of its founding, the field expanded to general sporting goods.
While spreading the feeling of excitement, It will be a brand that is used by all athletes.

When founder Tomohiko Tanno was 14 years old, he admired Jushin Thunder Liger's professional wrestling mask that he saw in a magazine and started making it by himself. At that time, I was using an industrial sewing machine in a room at my parents' house, which I had saved up from my part-time newspaper delivery job. The brand name "FUEGO" means "flame" in Spanish and is derived from the last name "淡" and the name of a Mexican mask wrestler.
Family office eraFamily office era
Although he jumps in and sells to professional wrestlers in Japan, he is completely turned away. Therefore, in the spring of 15 years old, he traveled alone to Mexico, the sacred place of "Lucha Libre". Started selling his own brand to Mexican wrestlers.
The number of regular users in Mexico gradually increased, and as the achievements were accumulated, the production of costumes other than masks was expanded. As the lucha libre players trust him, the number of requests increases, and he begins to take charge of many Mexican wrestlers.
When the famous lucha libre group "AAA (Triplea)" landed in Japan, he was in charge of many costumes for the wrestlers who belonged to it. His influence and achievements accumulated in Mexico attracted a lot of attention, and he quickly became famous among the Japanese wrestlers he fought against.
As the number of orders increased too much, the equipment was relocated to a room in Heights in Nara Prefecture. Around this time, he was aware of the characterization of each player and established a highly original and unique style. Proceed with production that strengthens the entertainment color and combines functionality for battle.
奈良ハイツ時代 Nara Heights era
2004 2004 2004
As the brand celebrates its 10th anniversary, it moves to Higashi-Osaka, which is convenient for distribution, with a view to further development. During this period, he was also commissioned by the professional wrestling group "DRAGON GATE", and worked on most of the wrestler costumes. In addition, he became responsible for consulting on the production side, and built a style of working together as a team based on each concept.
Triggered by a request from a famous kickboxer, the number of projects begins to increase little by little. Established a full-fledged "Kickboxing Division" and researched the industry to create stylish and easy-to-move pants. Add entertainment derived from professional wrestling, which has been good at kickboxing, to the original rugged world of kickboxing. It became a hot topic, and it became popular with kickboxers mainly in western Japan.
東大阪へ移転Moved to Higashi-Osaka
2007 2007
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its founding, it was incorporated as “Plaalio Entertainment Inc.” and became a martial arts costume brand “FUEGO”. We will create a system that can handle more orders and respond to needs with a sense of speed.
The reputation spreads by word of mouth not only to western Japan but also to martial artists all over the country. In response to an increase in the number of requests and requests to visit the company directly from afar, the company was relocated to Chuo-ku, Osaka, with an emphasis on good access. We produce over 100 works per month and more than 1,000 per year.
大阪市中央区へ移転 Moved to Chuo-ku, Osaka
Released original boxing shoes in collaboration with the boxing manga "Hajime no Ippo". Starting with this, we started offering custom-made boxing shoes service. Entering the industry, which was centered on major manufacturers, with his inherent entertainment as a weapon.
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding. Beyond the framework of martial arts, he started to take on the challenge of manufacturing general sporting goods. Even sports goods, which are often simple, are given a “FUEGO”-likeness, and they create exciting things. Aiming for works that can be displayed on the shelves of sports shops, he continues to develop more and more.
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